Free eBook on Azure Machine Learning

Free eBook on Azure Machine Learning

Machine Learning is an automated system that takes Big Data, builds predictive analytics, and then creates data models for consumption.

Almost once a month, Microsoft cobbles together existing documentation, sticks in a forward, and wraps it up into a free eBook offering. The company has now released a new offering covering Azure Machine Learning. The 237 page book starts with basic information about data science, covers the "Microsoft way" of data consumption, and wraps it up with code.

Here's the chapter and topic breakdown:

  • Chapter 1 - "Introduction to the science of data"

  • Chapter 2 - "Getting started with Azure Machine Learning"

  • Chapter 3 - "Using Azure ML Studio"

  • Chapter 4 - "Creating Azure ML client and server applications"

  • Chapter 5 - "Regression analytics"

  • Chapter 6 - "Cluster analytics"

  • Chapter 7 - "The Azure ML Matchbox recommender"

  • Chapter 8 - "Retraining Azure ML models"

Download the eBook from here (PDF): Microsoft Azure Essentials: Azure Machine Learning

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