Dear Azure is like Dear Abby for the Cloud

Dear Azure is like Dear Abby for the Cloud

Questions about the Cloud? Dear Azure is here to help.

To help eliminate confusion and for the inquisitive to seek learning about its Cloud OS service, Microsoft has created a unique web site where visitors can submit questions and receive answers.

Dear Azure is tailored very much like a Dear Abby advice column, where the submitted questions are answered in a way that often leads to levity and entertainment, but ultimately valuable guidance.

Here's one example.


Dear Azure,

I'm working on a project that could benefit from moving to the cloud, but involves a huge database and I'm not sure how it would transfer.


Dear Scott,

Moving sucks. You have to reconnect with that pickup truck driving friend of yours, explain why you haven't called him since college and then ask to borrow his beloved Ford F-150. I get your hesitancy. Initially, moving a corpulent database to the cloud can look like a troubling proposition. But relax, Azure offers a couple of great options for migrating your database to the cloud. The only truck you’ll be needing is around bonus time when you get a handsome reward for you move to the cloud. But let’s get back to you and that huge database of yours.

To submit a question, you'll need to supply your contact information, along with agreeing to Microsoft's terms of use. The site is not searchable, which is strange, but there is an option to manually click through previously answered questions and answers if you hit the bottom of the page.

The site: Dear Azure

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