Customize the Azure AD Screen

Customize the Azure AD Screen

Q. How do I customize my Azure AD sign-in experience for my users?

A. If you have Azure AD Premium or Azure AD Basic (per you can customize the branding of the Azure AD service sign-in experience and other user access pages. As soon as the service detects an address entered that is part of a customized organization, and the user has an Azure AD Basic or Premium license, the customized experience is shown. To use the customized branding you need a few things:

  • A banner logo which is 280x60 in jpg or png format
  • A tile logo which is 200x200 in jpg or png format
  • A page illustration which must be 500 KB or less in jpg or png format
  • Some sign-in page text to display
  • A background color in hex format, e.g. #000000 is black. To find other colors a good site to use is:

Once you have these requirements configure the customization:

  1. Open the Azure management portal (
  2. Select the Azure AD navigation node
  3. Select your Azure AD instance
  4. Select the Configure tab
  5. Click the Customize Branding button
  6. Upload the 3 images prepared in the correct box and enter the sign-in text and color value as shown below then click the tick icon

This customization will be displayed once your Azure AD domain is detected in a sign-in address. My example is shown below.

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