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Configuration Manager Connection to Intune

Q: I connected my Configuration Manager environment with my Intune subscription, but my users say no MDM service is available when connecting; why?

A: Once Configuration Manager is connected to your Intune subscription via Administration, Cloud Services, Windows Intune Subscriptions, it can take some time for Configuration Manager to actually perform the configurations in Intune to set the Mobile Device Management Authority and other configurations. (Per the Microsoft TechNet article "Start managing iOS devices with Microsoft Intune," you shouldn't try to perform the Intune configuration manually. Configuration Manager will perform all the configuration for you.) You also need to enable the different types of device that will be managed by Intune, such as iOS, Android, Windows, and so on.

In addition, you need to ensure that users have been enabled with a Windows Intune subscription license. You can do this through the Windows Intune account management portal.

Users of mobile devices then navigate to the Windows Intune mobile account management portal and sign in with their Intune-enabled credentials. iOS users are prompted to install a management certificate, and the devices show in Configuration Manager. For Android, the application portal will be shown but the devices won't show in Configuration Manager. The Windows Intune Company Portal application must be installed. I recommend creating a Configuration Manager application with all the different deployment types; for example:

Devices will be available in Configuration Manager, as the following figure shows:

Applications are now available for deployment to devices, in addition to policies and other settings, such as VPN, Wi-Fi policies, and certificate profiles as documented at Assets and Compliance, Compliance Settings, Company Resource Access.

For information on the ability to remotely wipe information, see "Wiping Company Content from Mobile Devices." You can do a full wipe on Windows Phone, iOS, and Android devices.

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