The Cloud Price Wars Continue: Azure Services Get Price Cuts

The Cloud Price Wars Continue: Azure Services Get Price Cuts

Microsoft has its pricing gun primed again and it's not afraid to use it.

On Thursday, Microsoft announced a large round of price cuts for many of its Azure services. The price reductions are effective immediately and percentages of savings vary per service.

It's obvious the price cuts are in an effort to continue its competitive push against Amazon, Google, and others. But, Microsoft has promises that as it increases its datacenter capacity, the prices will decrease. The company is continually adding new datacenters across the US and in many countries and expanding capacity in existing ones.

The full list of services affected:

  • Backup
  • BizTalk Server
  • BizTalk Services
  • Cache
  • CDN
  • Data Transfer
  • ExpressRoute Exchange Provider Data Transfer Out
  • ExpressRoute Exchange Provider
  • ExpressRoute Network Service Providers
  • Media Services (Encoding)
  • Media Services (Reserved Encoding E1)
  • Media Services (Reserved Streaming)
  • Mobile Services
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (Per Auth)
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (Per User)
  • Reserved IP Address Hours
  • Scheduler
  • SQL Server for Virtual Machines
  • Storage Transactions
  • Traffic Manager DNS queries
  • Traffic Manager Health Checks
  • Virtual Network Gateway Hour

You can review the pricing changes in the following table: Azure pricing updates

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