Check Out This Interactive Map of Azure Platform Services

Check Out This Interactive Map of Azure Platform Services

If you follow the right people on social media channels it is possible to learn about some great resources.

In my case today that person is Kurt Shintaku (@kurtsh on Twitter) who is a Microsoft Technology Strategist in Los Angeles, CA.

Although his blog, as he puts it, is dedicated to my assigned customers in the Media & Entertainment industry, it is publicly available on the Internet. That means it is accessible by most anyone with a web browser or RSS reader and I have to tell you it is a great resource for anyone interested in Microsoft related technologies.

That is where today's resource share comes from and it is a detailed portal that introduces you to all of the various services that are available on Microsoft Azure.

This Interactive Map of the Microsoft Azure Platform is a one stop shop for all things about Microsoft Azure. You can see the hero image above this article to get an idea about how densely packed the site is with information.

Just click on any of the live links on this site and you will get a pop up dialog box with an explanation of the service with links to information about the service including an overview, pricing, documentation and limits.

Azure Media Services Dialog Box

The portal is broken down into the following areas:

Developer Services

Visual Studio Team Services
Azure DevTest Labs
VS Application Insights
Developer Tools

Management & Security

Azure Portal
Log Analytics
Key Vault
Security Center

Hybrid Integration

BizTalk Services
Service Bus
Site Recovery


Virtual Network
Traffic Manager
Load Balancer
Azure DNS
VPN Gateway
Application Gateway

You will also find right in the middle of the page the major categories of services from Microsoft Azure:

Web & Mobile
Data & Storage
Internet of Things & Intelligence
Media & CDN
Identity & Access Management

You can access the portal at for a deep dive into all of the areas mentioned above.

But, wait...there's probably more so be sure to follow me on Twitter and Google+.


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