Call Azure Automation from Azure Scheduler

Q: Is it possible to call Azure Automation from Azure Scheduler now that Azure Scheduler supports client certificates and Azure AD?

A: Yes. This is a change that enables Azure Automations to be called from Azure Scheduler. Previously, Azure Scheduler supported only basic authentication, which made it incompatible with Azure Automation. However, with Azure Scheduler's new support for certificates and Azure AD, it's possible to trigger Azure Automations from Azure Scheduler. Microsoft actually has a runbook in the gallery that you can use to create an Azure Scheduler entry that will call the desired Azure Automation runbook on the defined scheduler. The runbook automatically creates the correct URI for the Automation runbook to create the Azure Scheduler job. The runbook is called Set-AzureScheduleWithRunbook; it can be found in the Automation gallery in the Utilities section. For more information, see the Microsoft Azure blog.

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