Azure VMs: Better, Stronger, Faster – Again

Azure VMs: Better, Stronger, Faster – Again

If you blink you’ll miss it.

If you don’t like it, wait a day.

No matter which colloquialism you decide to employ, they seem to capture how quickly Microsoft updates Azure services.

Today, Microsoft is announcing yet another improvement called D-Series for Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines. The D-Series has been developed to handle data-intensive applications such as Big Data and Analytics and delivers better scalability, high bandwidth over a fast network, locally stored SSD drives, faster vCPUs, and more memory.

The D-Series comes in two forms: General Purpose and High Memory.

Pricing ranges from a D1 at $127 a month to the D14 which rates at $1,943 a month.

Read all about it here: New D-Series Virtual Machine Sizes


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