Azure Site Recovery Disk Limitations

Azure Site Recovery Disk Limitations

Announced just last week, Microsoft has officially renamed the decidedly on-premises Hyper-V Recovery Manager to the more Cloud-focused Microsoft Azure Site Recovery (ASR). ASR now provides a direct line to Azure to offload VM backups from on-premises.

ASR is in Preview, but as you work with the revamped technology it's important to understand what you can and cannot do with it. From the disk perspective, here's the current restriction on disk sizes for VMs in Azure:

  • The OS disk is limited to 127GB
  • Data disks are limited to 1TB
  • You can't attach more than 16 disks

While these restrictions exist now, Azure is being developed at a pretty quick chop, and based on customer's feedback and requirements, these restrictions may change in the near future.

I'll follow-up if I find any more gotchas.

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