Azure Backup Released to General Availability

Azure Backup Released to General Availability

One of the more crucial pieces of running critical VMs is having the ability to backup and restore production workloads should something happen. Azure Backup has been in preview since March of this year, but yesterday Microsoft finally took the wraps off its public offering.

Prior to the release, Microsoft's proposed solution was to use System Center Data Protection Manager, but this meant running a second Azure VM just to host the protection software. It was costly, over-complicated, and only provided half a solution.

With the release of Azure Backup, Microsoft solves the backup and restore dilemma for companies doing business in the Cloud, ensuring that Windows and Linux VMs can be backed up in real-time (without shutting down the VM), monitored for inconsistencies, and restores from an Azure Backup vault with a single click.

During the preview, Microsoft worked through issues including slow backup and restore times,  and the public release includes additional capabilities including:

  • PowerShell supportnew cmdlets are available for automate backup and restore.

  • Improved service times – performance improvements and backup and restore times with a SLA of 99.9%.

  • Audit Compliance – auditing information is provided in the operation logs, either system initiated or customer customized.

  • Enhanced monitoring and troubleshooting – notification emails and recommended actions for failures.

  • Long-term Retention – VM backups can be retained for up to 99 years.

Azure Backup is available in all public regions that currently host the Azure IaaS service.

More information here: Azure Backup

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