Antimalware Protection Now a Free Add-in for Azure

Antimalware Protection Now a Free Add-in for Azure

Microsoft has made great strides making computer protection and integral part of its operating systems, so it would make sense that the company would also provide the same level of protection for its Cloud services. Based on industry testing, Microsoft's antimalware solutions aren't deemed the best, but for most corporate users, it's enough. I can't recall a time when a huge malware outbreak was reportedly allowed due to a flaw in Microsoft's protection software. So, maybe it is enough.

This week, Microsoft has announced that Antimalware is now available for Azure Cloud Services and Virtual Machines. This free security extension is intended to give customers an extra level of security when using Azure. This is an important step for Azure, and a long time coming.

Earlier this year, in April, Amazon was blasted for not following proper security and patching procedures for its Windows OS images stored in AWS. Amazon took offense and responded but essentially left it up to the customer to remain secure after spinning up an OS instance. But, if AWS also offered some sort of Virtual Machine protection suite as part of its customer care, the matter wouldn't be so grave.

Microsoft's antimalware solution for Azure is now part of the overall Virtual Machine configuration, and is available as one of the options to select during VM creation.

Microsoft Antimalware is updated constantly and provides real time protection. It can also be used to perform on-demand scanning and monitoring. Additionally, any antimalware events are logged to be viewed at any time.

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