Answer Questions and Download Microsoft Products for a Chance to Win an Xbox One

Answer Questions and Download Microsoft Products for a Chance to Win an Xbox One

An epic adventure soundtrack and a myriad of System Center and Microsoft Azure-related questions await in a new Microsoft, Cloud-infused game.

I really don't know why I'm telling you about this, because the fewer number that knows about it, my chances to win are greatly increased. But, oh well – it's worth a look and to possibly test your knowledge on System Center and Microsoft Azure.

The game starts here:

If you decide to play this at work, definitley wear headphones or turn the sound down.

To start, you select your favorite adventurer from 3 choices…

Then, select the weapon you'll use…

…and, off you go, up the path of the Cloud Walker.

During the game you'll be offered a chance to download Microsoft products such as Hyper-V Server, Windows Server 2012 R2, and System Center 2012 R2 and provided a link to subscribe to a trial of Microsoft Azure.  Once you initiate the download (you have to go through a sign-up process for each), you'll receive a confirmation email that includes an entry code. This code is your entry into the contest to win an Xbox One. You can finish the game without downloading any products, but you'll not get an entry code and therefore will not be entered to win an Xbox One.

Incidentally, you receive a code for each download EXCEPT the Microsoft Azure trial subscription. It's also supposed to provide one, but it doesn't work correctly.

During the trek to the finish line, the game will ask you questions about System Center and Microsoft Azure. The answers are pretty logical if you take the time to read them. This is a marketing promotion after all, so just choose the most obviously salesy answer.

The full game takes about 10 minutes. And, yes…I was victorious.

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