Adorn Your Walls with Your Favorite Microsoft Azure Posters

Adorn Your Walls with Your Favorite Microsoft Azure Posters

When I was a kid, I loved hanging posters on my bedroom walls. It was a way of growing and developing my personality. It showed what I was into and a great way for my parents to understand what was influencing me. I had a wide range of my favorites adorning my walls. Comic book heroes like Spider-man, Batman, and Captain America; sports heroes like Dr. J, Larry Bird, and Sugar Ray Leonard; celebrities like Farrah Fawcett (yes, I had the famous red swimsuit poster) and the Fonz; and of course, anything with Bruce Lee. Some of my pinups were purchased outright as actual posters, but the majority were ripped pages from magazines (remember magazines?).

As an adult, my tastes and influences have changed. I do have some memorabilia still stuck on my walls, but the majority of what adorns my surroundings are family photos. Still awesome influences, but truly shows how I've matured and grown up (which is still debatable by some). For those areas that aren't crowded with family memories, there's technology "posters" filling the spaces, which also shows that my tastes and influences have evolved to bring insight into where I spend the majority of my energy these days.

However, I do still retain spare wall space in the event something notable comes along.

Microsoft has released 13 poster-sized graphics (3 brand new) suitable for printing and displaying in your technology shrine. The posters detail specific services of Azure including General Services, API Management, Infrastructure Services, Media Services, Mobile Gaming, Mobile Services, Cloud Apps, Security, Cloud Design Patterns, Identity and Access Management, Integration Platform, Scaling Apps, and SharePoint with SQL.

They might not be as memorable as a Farrah Fawcett poster, but for anyone working with Azure today, it can provide detailed operations at a glance.

All 13 posters are available for download from this link:  Microsoft Azure infographics

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