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Adding External Endpoint to Azure Traffic Manager

Q: How do I add an external endpoint to Azure Traffic Manager?

A: Traditionally, Azure Traffic Manager was focused on the load balancing/failover of endpoints running in Azure, such as Cloud Services/websites. Microsoft added the ability to add external (non-Azure) endpoints to Traffic Manager using PowerShell via the Add-AzureTrafficManagerEndpoint cmdlet, specifying a type of Any; for example:

$profile = Get-AzureTrafficManagerProfile -Name "JohnProfile"
Add-AzureTrafficManagerEndpoint -TrafficManagerProfile $profile -DomainName "" -Status "Enabled" -Type "Any" | Set-AzureTrafficManagerProfile

Note that these external endpoints aren't visible in the Azure portal. For more information about this functionality, see the Microsoft Azure blog post "Azure Traffic Manager External Endpoints and Weighted Round Robin via PowerShell."

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