Metalogix Acquires Axceler

Metalogix Acquires Axceler

Metalogix, provider of content infrastructure software for Microsoft SharePoint, Exchange, and Cloud platforms, announced it has acquired Axceler’s SharePoint business.

The acquisition of Axceler’s related products, employees, assets and brands, positions Metalogix as the fastest growing SharePoint-focused Independent Software Vendor (ISV) in the world. 

“The companies are very similar. Mike [Alden, Axceler CEO] and I had the opportunity last year to talk about the powerful combination this would provide our customers,” Steven Murphy, Metalogix CEO, said.

Axceler CEO Michael Alden said, “The combination really combines two great businesses and brands in the SharePoint space with complementary teams and products. The combination creates a powerhouse business moving forward that’s great for our customers and team.”

Axceler’s SharePoint business and name has been sold. Several hundred customers are still with the company with its legacy Lotus Notes business. It had also launched a Yammer product and will move forward with a released version in Q4, Alden said.

The new company name will be announced most likely after Labor Day, Alden said.

Murphy said the company wanted to acquire the name and the domain name so as to do no “SEO harm” to the site and to help with customers and support. Eventually the name will dissolve into one branding.

Alden added the old Axceler site will be rebranded along with the Notes products, starting today.

This is not the first acquisition for Metalogix. Previously, Metalogix acquired Syntergy's SharePoint assets in spring of 2012. And, of course, it had acquired its StoragePoint product through business moves as well, in 2010.

"Metalogix’s acquisition of Axceler will put pressure on other SharePoint ISV partners to enhance their product offering or make similar acquisitions to provide a suite of infrastructure capabilities that enhances or supplements SharePoint functionality," noted Forrester analyst Alan Weintraub in his write-up today.

Certainly the acquisition of Axceler's governance product ControlPoint will prove an asset to Metalogix, enabling it to broaden its scope of SharePoint products to cover a range of SharePoint administrative solutions.

The full press release for the Metalogix acquisition is at the Metalogix site.



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