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Media Center momentum

Microsoft just sent me a little tidbit about Media Center "momentum" at CES. While this type of thing wouldn't normally be of much interest, the bit about Media Center evolution--past, present, and future--is absolutely worth a look. I feel like Media Center has been stuck in a rut for a while, so it's nice to see them finally highlighting it again.

Windows Media Center was a key focus of the entertainment and Connected TV message for Windows 7 during Wednesday's Keynote.

Also, would encourage you to check out this new video that was just released summing up the Evolution of Windows Media Center” – past, present and future.

Now, for CES 2009:

  • CES is the first consumer showcase of Windows Media Center in Windows 7
    • Windows 7 includes a number of enhancements for Windows Media Center, including the new Electronic Program Guide (EPG), which gives you all of your internet TV in one place
    • Windows Media Center in Windows 7 also delivers choice in how you interact with your PC, highlighted by HP TouchSmart UI and features such as Turbo Scroll
    • The ability to access Windows 7 content almost anywhere with PlayTo functionality

  • Momentum: We’re at an exciting juncture for connected TV experiences, and people are increasingly going to Windows Media Center to watch TV on the PC:
    • Nearly 10 million unique users are regularly using Windows Media Center in any given month.
    • Each session is averaging nearly 90 minutes – that’s a huge number when you compare it to other Internet-based TV applications and far exceeds the traditional “snacking” of online content.

  • New Windows Media Center Platform Support

o Toshiba joined the growing support from major CE companies enabling Windows Media Center experiences to extend to the TV by announcing they will integrate Extenders for Window Media Center technology into a series of TVs, LCD/DVD combo products and standalone network players, along with the "Widget Channel" backed by Intel and Yahoo! Click here for the press release.

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