Your weekend reading: Microsoft gives us a ring, we take a tour through productivity tools Getty Images

Your weekend reading: Microsoft gives us a ring, we take a tour through productivity tools

We know you're busy -- everyone is treating February like a real month even though it's short and filled with snow and there's the one-two punch of U.S. federal holiday and Valentine's Day. You've got a lot going on.

This is where we come in: we're scooping up all our content and putting the links in one place so you can see what we posted this week, and what it all means for you.


App Wish Website Hopes to Encourage Developers to Deliver Apps — "A website has popped up promising to help Windows 10 users get their most desired apps on the platform by voting for the apps they want to see on the desktop and mobile versions of the seven month old operating system."

Windows Phone Fans Will Not Give Up their Handsets Easily — "Windows Phone fans are passionate about their platform and 46% of those who participated in our poll told us that their Windows Phone would have to be pried from their hands if the platform ceased to exist."

Microsoft Finally Acquires Groove Music Apps and Domain Name — Seven months after announced their Groove Music Service, the Groove team has sold their current Groove apps and associated domain name to Microsoft.

February Patch Tuesday Delivers Windows 10 Cumulative Updates with Details — "Microsoft has finally launched a Windows 10 updates resource page that actually provides greater detail on what is being addressed in these updates."

Windows 10 Mobile Build 10586.107 Released to Fast Ring Windows Insiders — This build has three key fixes: it's solved an issue where in some cases a device could be missing tiles on the Start screen after going through the device out of box experience.; it's improved support in Narrator to speak in multiple languages; and there are improvements to the device reset experience when BitLocker\Device Encryption is enabled by enterprise policy or by the user."

Microsoft Adds a Release Preview Ring to Windows Insider Program — "The new Release Preview Ring comes in and provides Windows Insiders an opportunity to minimize their risk while still testing and providing feedback on the latest features, updates, apps and drivers before they become a part of the Current Branch of Windows 10."

How to turn off Living Images on Windows 10 Mobile — "The default behavior with Living Images on Windows 10 Mobile appears to be set for uploading the MP4 tmp files to your cloud based Camera Roll and the result is not pretty. So here's how to turn it off."

Microsoft Garage Releases Fetch! a Dog Breed Identification Service— "The premise is simple. Upload an image of a dog and the machine learning backend will identify what breed it is. On the main Fetch! website they have several pictures you can use to test the service out."


And we posted a three-part series running Evernote and OneNote through a roster of ten basic tasks. Here are the articles:

Evernote vs. OneNote, part I: How well can you create and organize your information? -- We cover how to create notes, organize them and cross-reference them in both Evernote and OneNote. 

Evernote vs. OneNote, part 2: How can you add information to the applications? -- We've cover how to upload new files, clip articles from the World Wide Web, and sift items you've mailed into your info-hoard.

Evernote vs. OneNote, part 3: What you can do with all that information -- We finish by comparing how each program searches for information, chucks new notes into your systems automatically, or shares your collections with others.


We also interviewed teacher and travel blogger Joseph Cheung for the series "What I Use to Do What I Do." He's on both Windows and OS X, and he's using the cloud to bridge the gap.


Fred Langa followed up an earlier Q&A on product key recovery tools by explaining why they sometimes get flagged as malware.


Finally, Rod Trent continued his superlative work on the Microsoft Band by publishing news about the Band's integration problems with Strava, then explained how calorie burn is assessed during strength workouts.

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