Your weekend reading: Here's everything we published this week Getty Images

Your weekend reading: Here's everything we published this week

Another big week in tech news -- and we've got you covered with the useful, hands-on application of all the tech. Here's what we posted this week.


We ran some helpful how-tos:

How-To: Save Windows 10 Screenshots to OneDrive by Default — Many of us take advantage of the built in screenshot capability in Windows 10 by using the Windows Key + Print Screen keyboard shortcut.  By default that image is stored in the clipboard. Ever think about storing those screenshots on OneDrive?

Q. Why is my computer communicating with me via a series of beeps? — We'll be featuring an abridged Q&A from Fred Langa's LANGALIST, a feature available exclusively to paid subscribers of the Windows Secrets newsletter. Today's Q&A: When my computer starts up, it lets loose with a series of beeps. Why?

How-To: Remove Previous Windows Version in Windows 10 Settings App — One feature that is available after an upgrade to Windows 10 is the ability to roll back to your previous version of Windows for the first 30 days after an upgrade.

How-To: Resetting a Lumia Using the Hardware Buttons — Sometimes the Windows mobile OS can freeze so deeply that its totally unresponsive to on-screen taps and pokes. When that happens you need to fully reset the device (i.e., reset to factory defaults) using an arrangement of hardware button presses and holds that may seem more like the safety sequence for launching a nuclear missile than resetting a phone.

We covered the updates to the Microsoft Band:

Microsoft Band Users Should Stay Away from Windows Mobile Insider Builds for a While — Even when Windows 10 Mobile finally gets a public release (even the 950 and 950XL still run a pre-release version of Windows 10), the Band will need a Microsoft Health app and firmware update to work correctly.

How to Locate and Use the New Auto-Pause Feature for the Microsoft Band 2— To find it and turn it on and off (its off by default), open either the Run or Bike tile, swipe left until you are on the GPS page and then swipe up to page down past the Use GPS and GPS Power Saver options.

Unannounced New Band 2 Feature: True Type font rendering — The True Type font rendering capability means that the Band 2 now supports over 150 of the most common emoji and delivers expanded Latin character rendering. 

Universal Windows 10 App for Controlling Your Camera with Microsoft Band — "Called Shutter Band, the app released recently in its first iteration and actually works pretty well."

Microsoft Band Auto Pause in Practice -- "As part of the most recent update to the Microsoft Band 2, Microsoft included a cool update that, when enabled, senses when you’ve stopped your Run or Bike activity and automatically pauses your session. And, when you pick your pace back up again, it will also restart. This provides hands-free operation for your activities."

We reviewed some products:

Is the Surface Pro 4 Type Cover Worth a Purchase for a Surface Pro 3? — If you just want to refresh your keyboarding experience without taking advantage of Windows Hello’s biometric capability, the non-fingerprint ID Type Cover still feels like a major upgrade.

Review: Waterfield’s Curo Dopp Kit — Like all Waterfield productions, the Curo Dopp Kit is built to last. It’s durable and destined to be an enduring travel companion.

Gallery: AfterShokz TREKZ Titanium Bone Conduction Headphones — These are fantastic headphones and the sound they produce is rich and full. As a safety device for runners and bikers who need to be extra vigilant, they are well worth a look.

Gallery: VR SHINECON Virtual Reality Headset — The VR SHINECON does a good job of delivering enough of a test bed to allow anyone to enjoy the technology’s first steps.

Gallery: Podcasts App on Windows 10 Mobile — "The app is not chock full of features but it has the basic capabilities to subscribe and listen to your favorite podcasts."

App Tour - NCAA March Madness Live "This week's app tour is a great example of a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app for Windows 10 devices."

We covered some newsworthy developments:

Amazon Expands their Alexa Voice Enabled Home Hardware Collection -- Unbeknownst to those of us who watched those Super Bowl commercials in February two new devices, the Amazon Tap and Amazon Echo Dot, were waiting in the wings to be announced.

Windows 10 Updates Are Everywhere Today — The production build of Windows 10 for PCs is now sitting at Version 1511 (OS Build 10586.164) thanks to Cumulative Update KB3140768 which landed via Update Tuesday. On the Windows 10 Mobile side of things, the current public build, which is still technically pre-release software, is Build 10586.107 however, a new Slow and Preview Ring build was released  - 10586.164.

Bing Images Integrated into Microsoft Edge and Office — Previously you could highlight text on a webpage in Microsoft's new web browser and then right click that text to Ask Cortana about it and she would search for anything that might be available about it in Bing. That capability has now been extended to images on web pages 

Windows 10 Redstone 2 Delayed Until Early 2017 — This delay means the second major update to Windows 10, the first after the November Update, will arrive in and around the one-year anniversary of Windows 10’s release on 29 July 2015.

Collaborate via Skype in Office Online and OneDrive — Microsoft has now released an update for its Office Online and OneDrive services that will allow you to collaborate via chat right on the same screen and in the same browser window in which the document is being worked on. 

And don't forget that we run a daily digest of the news; it's the perfect five-minute read as you start your mornings. Check out:

Monday -- Amazon made an oops when they removed encryption without telling anyone; Macs get ransomware in the wild.

Tuesday -- Apple gets smacked around for price-fixing the ebook market; the White House unveiled the Opportunity Project so local governments can use big data to improve the lives of their constituents.

Wednesday -- Microsoft released a bunch of Windows 10 updates, but pay attention to PC Cumulative Update KB 3140768.

Thursday -- Microsoft's made a strategic pivot away from the PC business at just the right time; Bill Gates did his fourth AMA.

Friday -- Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Build 14283 hit the fast ring on the Insider program.

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