Your weekend reading: Here's everything we published this week Getty Images

Your weekend reading: Here's everything we published this week

Another big week in tech news -- and we've got you covered with the useful, hands-on application of all the tech. Here's what we posted this week.


Smart people told us how they work:

How I Store and Access Files in the OneDrive Cloud -- Richard Hay runs through how he uses the cloud storage service.

What Desktop Software I Use on Windows 10 -- Here's what Richard Hay uses for his daily productivity.

Apps and software: What I use on Windows 10 -- "Now that Windows 10 has been on the market for seven months I wanted to give you an idea of the software that gets me through each day."

What I Use to Do What I Do: The Architect Who Also Podcasts -- "Welcome to another installment of "What I Use to Do What I Do," the series in which people talk about how they use hardware and software in all parts of their life -- and what tech they love and hate. Today, we've got an architect who balances his practice with a civic commitment, a podcast and marathon training"

How can you restore my faith in God Mode? -- A Fred Langa petitioner tries to use God mode, with unholy results.


We took a look at the new Windows 10 build:

Windows 10 Build 14271 - The Visual Changes -- "We are seeing more visual updates and changes with each new build which means the work to bring new features to the OS is now underway."

Microsoft's Development Branch Tweaks are Working -- "While the mobile releases are no where close to the weekly pattern on the desktop side, this quick turn around update for Windows 10 Mobile is significant. Both of these situations show that the tweaks they have made behind the scenes around their development branch build process is paying off."


Our Microsoft Band coverage continued:

Gallery: Create a Better Weather Tile for Your Band -- "A couple days ago I came across a wonderful solution for creating a very information-rich set of weather data and much better than the . Neel Joshi developed a method to create your own web tile using a .json he supplies and a WeatherUnderground API Key that you can obtain for free."

Microsoft Band Tip: Tracking Strength Gains with Guided Workouts -- "Inside each Guided Workout there’s a “Show Advanced Options” checkbox that I think many are not taking advantage of. Enabling the Advanced options for workouts brings two additional choices called Intensity and Variations. I’ll dig into the depth of these in the future, but want to focus solely on the Weight option in Intensity here."

How GPS Works in Guided Workouts in Latest Microsoft Band Update -- "With the last actual feature update, Microsoft has now provided GPS capability for Guided Workouts. What this means is that your circuit workouts that include distance as an activity goal, GPS tracking will be available to detect and report more accurately."

PSA: Microsoft Band Torx Screws Cause for Clasp Issues? -- "I was contacted recently by a source who believes he might have an answer to the majority of clasp breakage problems. To get the details behind the story there’s a report on as well as in the Microsoft Answers forums."

Quick Tip: Pairing Problems with Microsoft Bands Sold in International Markets -- "Some international Microsoft Band owners have reported problems when attempting to pair the Microsoft Band 2 with their Windows Phones. The reason? Well…the reason is one most international users are constantly complaining about – particularly with the Microsoft Band. "


We covered some mobile goings-on:

MWC16 - Evidence that the Windows Phone Hibernation Continues — "Dormant and hibernating ecosystems need slow feeding to last through the lean months and the Windows Phone 1%, or whatever the percentage is at these days, is getting that trickle of nourishment in the form of brand new Windows 10 Mobile handsets being unveiled over at MWC16."

Save Your Skype Qik Messages Now — "In what can be considered a good news-bad news situation -- depending on whether you really like Skype or enjoyed using the video messaging service Qik -- Microsoft has added video messaging to Skype and the Skype app."

MWC16 - New Windows 10 Devices from HP, Alcatel, Lenovo and Huawei — "The devices are being brought to market by familiar Microsoft Partners such as Lenovo and HP but there is also new hardware from companies like Alcatel and Huawei."


And here's a reminder: Every morning, we publish ICYMI, a roundup of the most interesting and useful tech news that's crossed our screens in the past 24 hours. It's a great way to get a short summary of what you need to know. This week's ICYMI's included:

Monday: A look at Microsoft's renewed push into phones at the Mobile World Congress; Lenovo's new bargain-priced tablets; how to configure and run Windows 10 System Restore.

Tuesday: News about Facebook's move into network infrastructure in developing nations; Samsung's plans to improve its own voice-activated digital personal assistant, S Voice; a comparative look at seven different digital photo services; a bot that appeals parking tickets.

Wednesday: A breakdown of when you can buy all the products previewed at Mobile World Congress; how to use OneNote to improve your reading and writing skills; webcast demos for Office 2016 and Office 365.

Thursday: Why Microsoft's buying Xamarin; Brad Smith goes to Washington to discuss outdated data laws; Microsoft made a hire for a director of data center sustainability; Apple is bringing Siri to the desktop in the fall; the Office 365 rolls out tutorials; emulate Windows 98 in your browser.

Friday: Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter all say they're filing amicus briefs supporting Apple in its battle against the Justice Dept.; Microsoft cancels Project Astoria, encourages mobile devs to use Xamarin; Office 365 gets a few Draw tab-related updates; the new, high-tech Barbie Dream House is how future generations will be conditioned to want a smart home.

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