Your weekend reading: All our weekly content in one place (April 11-15, 2016) Getty Images

Your weekend reading: All our weekly content in one place (April 11-15, 2016)

We know, we know -- it can be really hard to keep up with the volume of stories we're posting on the site. This is where we come in: we're scooping up all our content and putting the links in one place so you can see what we posted this week, and what it all means for you.


Microsoft Begins Notifying Users Who Will Lose their 15GB of Free Storage — If you failed to take advantage of Microsoft's earlier offer to retain your 15GB of free cloud storage and the 15GB Camera Roll if you had that then you have until 13 July 2016 until your storage drops down to just 5GB.

How To Use Windows Reliability Monitor — This tool will retrieve logs that are automatically generated on your Windows system about app failures, Windows failures, warnings and general information applying to app/system updates and display them in a customizable chart so that look by date and time for errors. This can help you track down the cause of system crashes or other errors you are seeing on your computer.

Windows 10 Insider Preview Build Tracker for 2016 — Keep track of the Windows 10 Builds that have been released in 2016 for Mobile devices.

Provide Direct Feedback for Microsoft Band and Microsoft Health — Microsoft is interested in your feedback on Microsoft Band and/or the Microsoft Health app and experience.

Q. How do I keep ransomware out of my backup files? — Because ransomware looks for data files to encrypt but otherwise leaves your system running, I think that renaming my backup files to backup.exe should make them safe. Is this a good idea?

Microsoft Band: Cardio Minutes Versus Cardio Duration — The leaderboard does not record total cardio activity duration (though the Band does track it), but only cardio minutes, meaning you’ll need to do more than just walk around your office to get credit. 

We Read the Security Bulletins So You Don't Have To — Microsoft just released 13 different security bulletins. Do you need to panic over any of them? We've gone ahead and done the reading -- and possible panicking -- for you. 

A Fresh Collection of our Windows 10 How-To Articles — The collection of how-to articles and tips we have put together here at the SuperSite for Windows remains a great source for learning more about Windows 10.

Will OneDrive Placeholders Return for Users of Microsoft's Cloud Storage? — Microsoft says they heard users feedback "loud and clear" but it appears OneDrive Placeholders are not a top priority for the Redmond company.

Sift Through Microsoft Band Data Reports On Your Mac — A new app called Health Ark for Microsoft Band has shown up in the Mac App store and looks to be a fantastic add-on for those Microsoft Band owners using a Mac.

Fixing Outlook Hangs and Restarts on a Surface Pro 4 — If you're experiencing constant hangs and restarts with Office 2016 applications, try this fix.

Upgrade Options for Windows Vista as Support Expires in 2017 — What options are available for those die-hard Windows Vista users to get themselves on an updated operating system within the next year?

Microsoft Health Update Fixes Notifications and Notification Defaults —  With today’s update, ALL apps except for “Phone” app is turned OFF by default.

Microsoft Unveils New Signature Edition Surface Pro 3/4 Keyboard — Microsoft has released a new Surface Pro 3/4 keyboard for those users who might want a more high end feel to go along with their hardware devices.

Windows 10 Version 1511 Current Branch Build 10586.218 Released — Today is another opportunity to patch and go with the release of cumulative updates for Windows 10 Version 1511 (OS Build 10586.164).

Windows 10 Roadmap Reveals Upcoming Features — Late last week a webpage surfaced from Microsoft that provided a detailed roadmap of Windows 10 features and unexpectedly revealed several updates that have not been announced publicly.

First Look - Surface Book SleeveCase Bag from Waterfield Designs aka SF Bags — I was recently given an opportunity to take a closer look at one of their Surface Book SleeveCase bags.

Five predictions for what will and won’t make the cut in Android N — Some of the new features are essentially auditioning for a role in the final build. Some will make it, and others won’t.

Windows 10 Mobile Remains a Ghost for Eligible AT&T Handsets — These carriers need to release Windows 10 Mobile to their eligible handsets so that users have access to it immediately without any workarounds.

Reasons Why the Microsoft Band GPS Might Take Longer to Connect — Here’s some reasons why your Band might not connect right away or could lose signal. And, keep in mind, these same issues (except for the first one) will affect any GPS-capable device.


And a handy reminder that ICYMI rounds up all the tech news you might want to follow up on, plus a list of what we've published in the last 24 hours. This week, we covered: Microsoft's suit against the U.S. government over user privacy; Google taking a very active interest in how you manage your time; Facebook joins Microsoft in building a bot army that will take over your life; Microsoft and Facebook join the tech companies that claim to have eliminated pay disparities.

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