Your weekend reading: All our weekly content in one place Getty Images

Your weekend reading: All our weekly content in one place

We know, we know -- it can be really hard to keep up with the volume of stories we're posting on the site. This is where we come in: we're scooping up all our content and putting the links in one place so you can see what we posted this week, and what it all means for you.


We doubled down on productivity with these stories:

Check out these Five Free OneNote Add-Ons and Tools -- "We wanted to let you know about five different add-ons and tools for Microsoft’s OneNote that can help expand the capabilities of that software and allow you to take its functionality even further."

How to use If This Then That for Ad Hoc Storage and Automation -- "It's very bare bones backup, but that simple file duplication is the first step in longer-term asset management. Here are some of the ways you can use IFTTT to automate your own archival activities."

Going Paperless with OneNote and the Cloud -- I decided to go paperless with my podcast in order to save on those precious resources. Here's how I did it.

Meet Plumbago -- "The idea behind Plumbago, which is also the name of a flower and helps make sense of the logo, is to retire pen and paper and get everyone writing using digital tools like a tablet and stylus."


We ran some how-tos that will make your computing life better:

How to Find Which Installed Apps Are Integrated with Cortana and How to Use Them -- "There’s an easy way to get the list of Cortana integrated apps you have installed on your PC or device."

How-To: Hide Action Center Notifications on Windows 10 Mobile Lock Screen — "The Action Center will show, by default, all of the notifications you receive on your device. While many of us are OK with this and like the quick access to our information with a simple swipe from the top of our screen, many would prefer to keep that information behind their PIN or password on their device."

How can I get Vista on my new computer? — "I have a new PC with Win10 on it and an old PC running Vista. I don’t like Win10 much. I know Vista intimately, and I’m happy with it. I’d like an article that addresses putting Vista on my new Dell computer."

Workaround for Windows 10 Build 14267 Power Bug — "The fix is the easiest out there - just hit the power button to shut the system down and then power up again to restart the system."


We walked you through a lot of new product news:

The NexDock Converts Your Lumia 950 & 950 XL into a Laptop -- "The NexDock will allow me to put the Continuum feature on my Lumia 950 to use while I am on the road much more effectively than carrying a mobile keyboard, mouse and either a wireless display adapter or HDMI cable." As of Today, "We’re taking the preview label off" — "The new, improved version of Microsoft's online email service is out of preview mode, the team said today in a blog post."

Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter V2 Announced; Available for Pre-Order — "The device is now more balanced on each end between the HDMI and USB sides. This should allow it to be plugged in more easily than when all the bulk was on the HDMI side in v1."

GALLERY: Windows 10 Redstone Build 14267 out for Windows Insiders -- "This gallery will walk you through the new features, the majority of them being in Microsoft Edge, as it appears Redstone development has moved beyond the under the hood phase which has been its focus over the last two months."

Surface Pro 4 & Surface Book Firmware Updates Fix Sleep/Power Issues -- "The issues, ranging from failure of the devices to properly enter and remain in sleep mode plus randomly waking up while in bags to run at full power while closed, have plagued the latest hardware in Microsoft's Surface line since they arrived last fall."


Rod Trent continued his superlative Microsoft Band coverage:

Which Fitness Device is Most Accurate? -- "T3, the gadget website, enlisted the help of Guru Performance, a UK-based nutrition and wellness company, to test the Microsoft Band 2, the Apple watch, the Fitbit Charge HR and the Garmin Vivosmart HR in its Human Performance Lab."

Connecting Cortana to Your Microsoft Health Account -- "By connecting Cortana to the Microsoft Health account you can enlist Cortana to view your current stats which should help remind you to step away and perform an activity or two, and pull in historical data (eventually)."

Band BPM is a Simple Smartphone Heads-up Display for Your Microsoft Band Data -- "Sometimes the small display on the Microsoft Band can be a bit difficult to read during jostling and bouncing during activities. Those small, secondary numbers for heart rate, pace, distance, calories burned, etc. can be tough to discern. For those iPhone users, a new app is now available that does something pretty simple."

Sharing Fitness Activities Using the Microsoft Health App — In the latest update for the Microsoft Health app, Microsoft has developed a new capability that allows you to share your activities through Facebook, Twitter, email, SMS text, or any other “sharing” app you might have installed on your smartphone.

New Microsoft Health Tile is Live by Default — One additional feature for the updated Microsoft Health that Microsoft didn’t mention during it’s “What’s coming” announcement yesterday, is a new Live Tile for those using Windows 10 Mobile or Windows Phone 8.1.

Microsoft Band Gives Bigger Nod to Windows 10 in Latest Update — "As we get closer to the official release of Windows 10 Mobile, a distinct line is being drawn between Windows 10 and Windows Phone 8.1 apps. A feature gap is starting to widen and separate the two platform versions."



Our series on what real people use when living their real lives and real jobs continued:

What I Use to Do What I Do: The UX Developer -- "Welcome to another installment of "What I Use to Do What I Do," the series in which people talk about how they use hardware and software in all parts of their life -- and what tech they love and hate. Today, we've got a user experience designer and developer who also runs an Android- and Google-centric podcast."


Microsoft nabbed a fairly high number of Windows 10 users in a hurry ...

US Department of Defense Moving to Windows 10; Approves Surface Devices for Use — "The Secretary of Defense has directed all U.S. DoD agencies to begin the rapid deployment of the Microsoft Windows 10 throughout their respective organizations for information systems currently utilizing Microsoft Operating Systems."


And a handy reminder that we launched a new feature this week: ICYMI. This is a morning digest of all the tech news you might want to follow up on, plus a list of what we've published in the last 24 hours. You can read Wednesday's, Thursday's or Friday's here. We'd like to encourage you to check in with us every morning and set yourself up for the day.

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