Xiaomi Set to Energize its Amazfit Line of Smartwatches

Xiaomi Set to Energize its Amazfit Line of Smartwatches

A few weeks ago I posted a review for the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 fitness band. The Mi Band 2 is one of the better starter bands available. And, it goes a bit further than many starter bands in that it provides wrist-bases heart rate monitoring and sleep detection along with the normal counted steps and distance traveled. It’s a good device and something I recommend to those looking to get onboard the fitness train for the first time or those looking to get back onboard after a lull.

Xiaomi also has an Amazfit line of wearables, which has generally teetered more toward the bracelet form factor. An announcement today shows that the company is ready to take the next step. Xiaomi will be adding a new smartwatch to its Amazfit line that seems to take nods from similar devices already available.

Here’s some specs:

·       Scratch resistant 1.34-in display

·       Display resolution 300 x 300

·       1.2 GHz processor

·       512MB or RAM

·       4GB of onboard storage

·       200mAh battery

·       5 days of use on a single charge, 30 hours if using GPS

·       HR sensor

·       Digital wallet provided by AliPay

·       Swappable bands

·       IP67 certified against dust and water

·       Connects to Mi Fit (same system as the Mi Band 2)

The device is called just “Amazfit,” which will probably be confusing for most, considering it’s the same name as the line of bracelets. The smartwatch goes on sale in China on August 31 for ¥799 ($120). So far, there’s no indication when it might be available in the US.

From press photos, the smartwatch looks absolutely gorgeous and I can’t wait to get my hands on one for testing.

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