Xbox Video for Web Goes Live

Xbox Video for Web Goes Live

Not too shabby, but no HD on the web

Microsoft had previously promised to move its Xbox Video service to the web and to Windows Phone 8 by the end of the year. Today, it came through on the former of those two promises, delivering a web-based version of the TV show and movie service.

If you're familiar with Xbox Music for Web, you get the idea: The web-based version of Xbox Video is very much like that service and quite a bit different, visually, from Xbox Video on Windows 8.1. (Oddly, Xbox Music for Web looks a lot like Xbox Music for Windows 8.1.)

There's no word (yet) about the service on the Xbox Wire blog, but it pretty much works as expected. And you can even purchase a TV show, or rent or purchase a movie, and watch it in your browser if you want (and are sure about your connection).

Irony alert: Video playback requires Silverlight. But it only supports SD video. For HD, you need to use Xbox Video for Windows 8.1 or Xbox One, Microsoft says.

You can find Xbox Video for Web on the Xbox web site. And no, there's no word yet on the overdue version for Windows Phone 8. I assume versions for Android and iOS are on the way as well.

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