Xbox One Media Remote Preview

Xbox One Media Remote Preview

Because sometimes a simple remote is better

Microsoft today announced that it will soon deliver an Xbox One Media Remote for controlling the playback of Blu-Ray movies/TV shows and streaming entertainment services with its new console. The device will retail for $25 in the United States when it ships on March 1.

There's not a heck of a lot to say about this accessory, though I'd argue it's quite necessary. As I've noted with devices such as the Chromecast, sometimes a simple remote control is the way to go.

Features include:

Familiar design. It looks and works like other remotes, and should be immediately familiar to anyone who grew up after the 19th century.

Motion activated backlit buttons. The buttons illuminate as soon as you pick up the remote, so you can use it easily in the dark.

Designed for Blu-Ray movie/TV show discs and streaming entertainment services. The remote includes dedicated buttons for Play/Pause, Rewind, Forward, Previous, Stop, and Next, plus Xbox One-specific buttons for OneGuide and Back.

Control TV/Receiver power and volume. Thanks to Kinect integration, you can control your HDTV's (and/or receiver's) power and volume via IR blasting.

I'll be grabbing one as soon as they're available.

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