Xbox One Game Clips and Achievements Coming to the Web

Xbox One Game Clips and Achievements Coming to the Web

Biggest deal? Game clips!

Not sure what took 8 long months—and that's assuming you don't ding them for the months leading up to the product's launch—but Microsoft will finally make Xbox One-based game clips, achievements and other data accessible from the product's web presence at The good news? It's going live next week.

Note: To be clear, Microsoft has done a lousy job with this kind of thing: You can't see this information from the Games hub in Windows Phone 8.1 either.

Here's what's changing:

New profile page. Your profile page will take on a decidedly Xbox One flavor with the coming update. Here, you can see your Xbox One profile picture, reputation, and snapshot of your online friends.

Recent game clips. We were just wondering about this on Windows Weekly last week, too: Now, if you scroll down a bit from your profile page, you'll see your recent game clips (recorded with "Xbox, record that!"). They are of course playable right there in the web page, but you can also view them all in a sort of playlist at one time. (How about sharing/downloading, Microsoft? Come on.)

Your friends' game clips. Access your friends' profiles from this site and you can also watch their clips.

Achievements. You can also see your latest achievements here. Obviously, you can deep dive into each game and achievement, and you can compare achievements with your friends.

Took long enough.

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