WWKD: The Xbox One Voice and Hand Gesture Guide

WWKD: The Xbox One Voice and Hand Gesture Guide

One of the more frustrating things about acquiring a new gadget is being able to quickly understand the full feature set that it provides. Even now, I'm still figuring out new things about the Surface Pro's capabilities, despite owning one for almost a year now. It's similar to those TV shows where the secondary storyline creeps in every once in a while to give you just a brief nugget of something, so you're left trying to piece it all together.  I'm all for a good treasure hunt, but once I have the treasure in my hands, I'd like to think I can move on to the next big thing.

The new Kinect that comes with the Xbox One is one of those gadgets that need just a bit extra help figuring out all the hand and voice gestures that are available to you. This is important, because the voice gestures, particularly, take the Xbox One to the next level, providing a rich function set that can be utilized in every area of gaming, apps, and video.

Microsoft has now provided a guide that details the voice and hand gestures for the Xbox One.

Download the guide (PDF) HERE.

Or, just read through the guide below.

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