Work comfortably in Office applications - 01 Nov 2007

After opening a Microsoft Office application, the following steps can make it a more comfortable and productive environment:

  • Maximize the application and document windows. Click the Maximize button in the upper-right corner of the window. Maximize button
    • If you see a Restore button, that is an indicator that the window is already maximized. Restore Down button
    • You will run into problems if you are working in a window that is not maximized, but has been sized (stretched) to take up the entire screen. If your window looks "full size" but still has a Maximize button, be sure to shrink the window so that it is visibly smaller than the screen. Then click the Maximize button to maximize it correctly.
  • Set the zoom level of the slide. Click the drop-down arrow next to the Zoom button and select a zoom level. Zoom
    • You can zoom in (a larger number) to work with smaller objects and to fine-tune positioning.
    • You can zoom out (a smaller number) to see more of the page or document.
    • You can also click in the Zoom box itself, type a number and press Enter.
    • Some applications have specific, productive zoom presets, such as the Page Width, Whole Page and Two Pages zooms in Word, and the Fit zoom in PowerPoint which shows the entire slide.
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