Wirelessly Stream Your Media with Monsoon HAVA

Ever heard of the Monsoon HAVA? This nifty HD-ready device handles next-generation wireless video streaming, as well as place and time shifting. HAVA enables streaming of video content in MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 format from any video source, including live TV, cable, and TiVo, to multiple PCs in a home or business—totally wirelessly. HAVA also lets you view content remotely on an Internet-connected PC and control all functions of the video source, including channel change, pause, and record.

HAVA lets the PC operate as a Personal Video Recorder with pause, fast forward, and rewind functions and allows TV content on the PC to be stored and burnt onto DVDs. Windows XP Media Center Edition users can use HAVA as a wireless tuner to add full multimedia capabilities to their PCs.

Monsoon's HAVA connects to any TV source, including cable, satellite, DVD, TiVo, and camcorder. It streams video at an average of 8Mbps directly to PCs in the home network in MPEG-2 D1, and streams MPEG-2 format over the home network and MPEG-4 format over the Internet.

For more information about HAVA, check out the Monsoon Web site.

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