To WINS, or Not to WINS?

Not to WINS:

* Do not excessively implement WINS in very large environments. The replication demands between each WINS replication partner can create a significant amount of network chatter. More than one WINS server per 200 clients could be overkill. Reduce the number of WINS servers wherever possible.

* Do not implement WINS in security-tight environments if you want to prevent users from accessing corporate network resources. In contrast, you can use LMHOSTS files with the required server names for NetBIOS resolution.


* Do implement WINS in small TCP/IP environments. Using WINS reduces NetBIOS name administration, and WINS performs better than DNS.

* Do implement WINS in mixed environments. WINS proxy agents can reduce broadcast traffic for clients that are not configured for a WINS server.

* Do implement WINS in geographically distributed environments. Deploying WINS servers in each remote location can minimize broadcast traffic on the WAN. Carefully monitor replication traffic and control it with the replication interval and start time when necessary.

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