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According to some American decision-maker who thought that people in power don't already get enough attention, today is National Boss Day. My boss is in Spain—or at least on her way there—which gets me off of the hook for not buying her anything. (How do you say "perfect timing" in Spanish?) So now, left with no one to suck up to (and no more Sudoku puzzles to work on), I'm turning my strong efforts and undivided attention to you, my other boss. I'm not just being cheesy. Think about it: If you aren't happy with me, the head honchos aren't happy with me. And if the head honchos aren't happy with me, I'm out on the street. So, really, I do report to you.

Just like many other bosses, you're too busy to tell me what you need from me. Don't worry; I get it. You have meetings and emergencies and other important things to do. It's my job to figure out what you want without you having to ask for it. So I used my sneaky little tracking tool to find out that you've been looking for Windows XP content a lot lately—mostly on Paul Thurrott's Supersite. In case you need a little more information, here are a couple more resources on XP that can help:

Windows XP FAQs
From activation to troubleshooting to upgrading, these question/answer sets will help you at any stage of your XP use.

Windows XP forum
In particular, check out today's new topics: MSI install then rollback, Problem creating new GPO administrative template and Installation on eMachines Laptop (Error Code 7).

Windows IT Pro Library
To learn about "implementing a firewall, managing services, disabling automated logins, and hardening default accounts," see "Windows XP Security."

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