Windows Phone 8.1 Now Available for Anyone with a Developer Account

Windows Phone 8.1 Now Available for Anyone with a Developer Account

I'm still in the midst of installing the last update (the whole process consists of 2 servicing updates, and then the Windows 8.1 bits), but Windows Phone 8.1 has been announced to be available for anyone with a Windows Phone developer account. Joe Belfiore, Microsoft master of Windows Phone announced it early, early this morning over Twitter:


The updating takes a long, long while. As I mentioned, I'm on the last lap of a three lap race, but each update has taken close to 20 minutes apiece. So, first things first.

To get the update (anyone with a Windows Phone can get it), you'll need to get a free developers account and install some software.

Paul Thurrott has written up the complete instructions on how to get this done:

Get Windows Phone 8.1 as Soon as Possible

After you get your own developer account and load the software, you'll need something to do while babysitting the update process.

Paul also has already written up a great review of Windows Phone 8.1, and you'll enjoy knowing what to expect once the updating is complete:

Windows Phone 8.1 Review

Shhhhh!  Cortana is speaking.

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