Windows NT Kernel Debugging Resources

Microsoft Support Online Articles
Q148658 – How to Load Windows NT MEMORY.DMP File Using I386KD.EXE
Q148659 – How to Set Up Windows NT Debug Symbols
Q148660 – How to Verify Windows NT Debug Symbols
Q148661 – Kernel Debugger: Viewing the Stack Trace and Trap Frame
Q103059 – Descriptions of Bug Codes for Windows NT
Q184826 – Symbol Checksum Error Reported When Kernel Debugging
(Search on the keyword debugref to find a complete listing of all related articles.)

Related Articles in Windows NT Magazine
Mark Russinovich, "Inside the Blue Screen," December 1997

David A. Solomon, Inside Windows NT Second Edition (Microsoft Press, 1998)

Microsoft Corporation, Microsoft Windows NT Workstation Resource Kit, Chapter 39 – Windows NT Debugger (Microsoft Press, 1996)

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