Windows .NET Server Hits Beta 3

On Friday, a day later than expected, Microsoft released Windows .NET Server Beta 3, its final beta of the next version of Windows 2000 Server. Windows .NET Server expands on the Windows 2000 product line by introducing a new low-end product, Windows .NET Web Server, and renaming and configuring other versions in the product family; Windows 2000 Server becomes Windows .NET Standard Server and Advanced Server becomes Enterprise Server; Datacenter Server retains its name but adds support for 128 GB RAM, up from 64 GB in the Windows 2000 version. Additionally, both Enterprise Server and Datacenter Server are available in 64-bit versions.

"Testers will begin to experience a powerful application development environment," says Bob O'Brien, group product manager for Microsoft's Windows Server division. "Combined with the integrated Microsoft .Net Framework and other application services, the new Windows servers will enable developers to create powerful Web sites, services and applications with a fast time to market."

In a Windows .NET Server Beta 3 briefing recently, Microsoft told me that the company was targeting each of the members of its Windows .NET Server products at very specific markets. Microsoft will hit hundreds of thousands of users with this beta, through MSDN and the recently expanded technical beta program, and the follow it up with two release candidate builds in early 2002. The final release is expected by mid-2002, the company says.

For a full overview of these products, please visit the SuperSite for Windows.

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