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Windows IT Pro Arrives in Fort Collins!

Penton Media, Fort Collins CO office Monday morning, 8am, we started streaming into the new building that would house Penton Media, home of Windows IT Pro and other fabulous magazines, such as SQL Server Magazine, SharePointPro Connections, and DevProConnections. We’d all said goodbye to our Loveland, Colorado, home last week, and now we’re all feeling the excitement of this dynamic new workplace in Fort Collins. There’s an almost tangible energy to this place that can’t help but surge its way into the products we create, so be prepared to experience even more excellent content from our publications!

Penton Media, Fort Collins CO office Thanks to a highly capable IT staff of our own, we arrived at our migrated desks with only minor problems, and IT pros were onsite, wandering around, addressing those issues immediately. I was working with full network and Internet access within minutes of adjusting my chair.

I’m writing this blog entry from my desk, where I can glance around and observe the happy, industrious murmur of a productive workforce. The evolution in atmosphere from the old building to the new is remarkable.

Donna Ognian, Penton Media So, what will you see as you walk into our new building? Greeting you is the lovely Donna Ognian, the face of Penton Media Fort Collins. She’s still setting up, so forgive the stacks of folders. You can tell by the look on Donna’s face that she relishes the opportunity to actually greet people who enter the building—a marked contrast from the Loveland building, where she sat in an oddly situated reception area far from the building entrance, on the second floor.

Behind her, you can start to get a feel for the design of the building’s interior—an enervating mix of brickwork, wood trim, and rich color palette.

Penton Media, cafe Now, let’s talk about natural lighting. A far cry from the soul-deadening fluorescents that lined every closed-off office at the Loveland building, the luminescence streaming through the large picture windows at the new location provide for a comfortable work environment. (Perhaps I should write real-estate brochures.)

This is the entrance to the cafe, which leads to a generous patio (with a barbecue!), as well as a nicely furnished kitchen, off to the right.

Penton Media, Sky conference room Here’s one of our conference rooms. Imagine actually looking forward to meetings! Okay, maybe not.

I’ll leave you with a collection of photos that capture our first day of business at our new joint. They’ll give you a feel for the place where we’re all feeling a new sense of energy to provide you with the stuff you need to do your jobs.

Thanks for reading!

Penton Media, Fort Collins CO officePenton Media, Fort Collins CO office

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Penton Media, Fort Collins CO office

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