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White paper: Secure multi-forest, multi-org deployments

Security Administrator


* Book Review
- Adobe Acrobat 6 PDF Bible

* New from Windows IT Library
- Transformation
- Small Office Networking

* New Books in Print
- Security Warrior
- MCSE Designing a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Active Directory and Network Infrastructure Exam 70-297 Study Guide & DVD Training System

* New eBooks
- Best Practices for Managing Linux and UNIX Servers.
- The Expert's Guide for Exchange 2003: Preparing for, Moving to, and Supporting Exchange Server 2003 - Content Security in the Enterprise--Spam and Beyond

* Windows IT Library Top Five
- A+ Certification: How to Pass Your Exams
- Microsoft Windows NT Server Administrator's Bible: Option Pack Edition
- Microsoft Windows NT Secrets: Option Pack Edition
- The Microsoft Outlook E-Mail and Fax Guide
- Undocumented Windows NT

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Best Practices for Designing a Secure Active Directory: Multi-org Exchange Edition compares single and multi-org Exchange designs with a focus on Active Directory security and operational efficiency. Find out the pros and cons of each design and how to protect Exchange according to your company's security policy. Learn why a single organization is the simplest to administer but may not provide the level of security required by some companies. Multi-org designs with a corporate network separated into several forests carries higher administrative and support costs, and complicates collaboration and messaging. However, the multi-org provides maximum security and offers the highest level of security isolation. Get your free white paper today.


==== Book Review ====
Adobe Acrobat 6 PDF Bible
Author: Ted Padova
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Published: September 2003
ISBN: 0764540475
Paperback, 953 pages
Price: $44.99

PDF has become the defacto format for publishing and accessing information on the Internet and on intranets. As many of us already know, Adobe Systems' free Adobe Reader software reads PDF files. But unfortunately, as Ted Padova explains in the opening pages of his book "Adobe Acrobat 6 PDF Bible," many people don't take advantage of Adobe Acrobat's functionality. "Adobe Reader is only one small component of Acrobat," Padova writes. "Other programs included in the suite of Acrobat software provide you with tools for creating, editing, viewing, navigating, and searching Portable Document Format information."

Padova's objective in writing the third edition of "Adobe Acrobat 6 PDF Bible" was to show readers how to use the latest release of the Acrobat software and to improve their productivity with its features. According to Padova, the importance of PDF can't be overstated. "Almost every software manufacturer includes last-minute notes, user manuals, and supporting information in PDF format on CD-ROM installer disks," he says. Padova's book is a useful guide to this dynamic software.

Part I, "Welcome to Adobe Acrobat Professional," gives a quick overview of Acrobat. In addition to providing insight into the technology's capability, this section also covers the distinctions between the different Acrobat viewers, how to view and navigate PDF documents within Acrobat, and the steps to follow when searching the contents of PDF files.

After Part I, Padova jumps into core PDF concepts. In Part II and Part III, he discusses converting documents to PDFs and editing PDFs. Windows administrators will appreciate Chapter 6, "Exporting to PDF from Authoring Applications." In particular, Windows administrators will value this chapter's discussion of PDFs and Microsoft Word, Excel, and Publisher.

Did you know that you can use Acrobat for effective workgroup collaboration? In Part IV, "PDF Interactivity," Padova points out that Acrobat "provides you with the ability to comment and markup PDF documents and share your annotations with users dynamically on Web sites or through file exchanges on servers or via e-mail." For example, a Windows or network systems administrator can use Acrobat to set up a review and comment environment to gather feedback about an aspect of a system's environment.

Part V, "PDF Publishing," discusses security and a host of PDF publishing topics, including PDFs and the Web, PDFs and presentations, PDFs and eBooks, printing, and distribution of PDF documents. One of the most powerful features of Acrobat is its ability to publish PDF documents that you can secure with password protection by using a range of security methods and encryption tools. The security features let you prevent unauthorized users from opening and modifying documents.

Part VI, "Acrobat PDF Forms," discusses forms, special PDF files that contain data fields that act as placeholders. Users enter the required information into placeholders when filling out the forms. In the three chapters in Part VI, Padova illustrates the use of the various Acrobat Forms tools and what's involved in working with a form's data.

The first of the book's two appendices lists the contents of the book's companion CD-ROM: a PDF version of the book, sample videos, the addresses of Web sites at which you can find additional Acrobat tips and tools, and information about how to obtain useful third-party plugins that you can use to extend Acrobat's built-in features. The second appendix contains sets of handy keyboard shortcuts for basic commands, accessing tools, editing tools, and search tools.

Like other books in John Wiley & Son's "Bible" series, "Adobe Acrobat 6 PDF Bible" is a comprehensive, practical guide written by an author who's an expert on the book's topic. Whether you already have some experience with PDF, are keen to learn more about it, or just need a good PDF reference book, take a look at "Adobe Acrobat 6 PDF Bible." After you've read it, you'll know how to take advantage of the software's capabilities.

Tony Stevenson
[email protected]
Windows IT Library Guest Reviewer

For more book reviews, visit the Windows IT Library Web site.

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==== New from Windows IT Library ====

After reading this chapter from "Graphics Programming with GDI+," you'll know all about transformation concepts such as shearing, rotation, scaling, and translation and about matrix operations in image processing.

Small Office Networking
In this chapter from "Samba-3 by Example: Practical Exercises to Successful Deployment," you'll learn about small-business networking through a real-world business example. You'll find out how to confront expense, implementation, administration, scalability, and mobility concerns. Plus, you'll get in-depth answers to FAQs about small-business networking.

==== New Books in Print ====

Security Warrior
According to Cyrus Peikari and Anton Chuvakin, the authors of "Security Warrior," you can defend yourself better if you understand your enemy. This book tells you how the an system attacker might intrude your system. Covering topics from reverse engineering to Microsoft SQL Server attacks and common attacks against UNIX and Windows systems, this book prepares you for battle.

MCSE Designing a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Active Directory and Network Infrastructure Exam 70-297 Study Guide & DVD Training System
You'll get classroom-style learning with this new study guide that includes instructor-led DVDs and Web-based practice exams. The guide covers all Microsoft exam objectives so that you can pass the exam on your first try.

==== New eBooks ====

Best Practices for Managing Linux and UNIX Servers
This eBook will educate systems managers about how to best approach the complex realm of Linux and UNIX management and performance monitoring. The book concentrates on core issues such as configuration management, accounting, and monitoring performance with an eye toward creating a long-term strategy for sustainable growth. You can download the first chapter at the following URL:

The Expert's Guide for Exchange 2003: Preparing for, Moving to, and Supporting Exchange Server 2003
This eBook will educate Microsoft Exchange Server administrators and systems managers about how to best approach the migration to and overall management of an Exchange Server 2003 environment. The book concentrates on core topics such as configuration management, accounting, and monitoring performance with an eye toward migration, consolidation, security, and management. You can download the first chapter at the following URL:

Content Security in the Enterprise--Spam and Beyond
High-speed Internet access has become ubiquitous across small and large enterprises worldwide. Businesses acknowledge that Internet applications such as email, Web browsing, and Instant Messaging (IM) are an essential medium to communicate with customers, suppliers, and partners. But with the opportunities that these applications provide come many risks and threats that an organization needs to address. This eBook explores these risks and discusses ways in which you can reduce or eliminate them by limiting inappropriate use of the Internet, eliminating spam, protecting corporate information assets, and ensuring that vital Internet applications are secure and available for authorized business purposes. You can download the first chapter at the following URL:

==== Windows IT Library Top Five ====

A+ Certification: How to Pass Your Exams
This book walks you through all the skills tested in the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) A+ Core Hardware exam and A+ OS Technologies exam.

Microsoft Windows NT Server Administrator's Bible: Option Pack Edition
This book provides specific coverage of the Windows NT 4.0 Option Pack add-ons to help you plan, install, configure, manage, optimize, and connect NT Server 4.0 to the Internet.

Microsoft Windows NT Secrets: Option Pack Edition
Packed with the kind of notes, tips, and workarounds that come only from years of working day in and day out with a product, this book will help you optimize the performance, reliability, and security of your network.

The Microsoft Outlook E-Mail and Fax Guide
Written for Microsoft Outlook end users and the administrators who support them, this volume explains all the real-world tasks that you're likely to encounter when working with Outlook and includes many timesaving techniques that take you beyond the basics.

Undocumented Windows NT
This book documents what goes on under the covers in Windows NT. Three experts share what they've dug up on NT through years of hands-on research and programming experience. The authors dissect the Win32 interface, deconstruct the underlying APIs, and decipher the Memory Management architecture to help you understand operations, fix flaws, and enhance performance.

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New Web Seminar--Realizing the Return on Active Directory
Join Mark Minasi and Indy Chakrabarti for a free Web seminar and discover how to maximize the return on your Active Directory investments and cut the cost of security exposures with secure task delegation, centralized auditing, and Group Policy management. Register now and receive NetIQ's free "Securing Access to Active Directory-A Layered Security Approach" white paper.

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