Windows 7 vs. Snow Leopard: Which features should be compared? (Updated)

I'm working on a multi-part Windows 7 vs. Snow Leopard comparison (read the introduction here) and am curious what you guys (and gals) would like to see included. More specifically, as you think about the various features or each OS, which need to be compared head-to-head? (Ex: Digital media functionality. Windows 7 has Windows Media Player, Windows Media Center, Play To, and so on. Snow Leopard has QuickTime X, etc.)

Let me know what you think. (And please, no sniping. Let's keep this civil and on topic.)

Update: So I should have spelled out one aspect of this comparison that isn't obvious. While I won't have a co-author from the Mac side per se, I am in fact working closely with some close friends who are Mac experts to ensure I'm covering the other side both adequately and accurately. This isn't intended to be a one-sided overview at all. I think anyone worrying about bias will be surprised (in a good way).

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