Windows 2000 Will RTM Today

Sources within Microsoft have confirmed that the company plans to release Windows 2000 (Win2K) to manufacturing today. Microsoft has told Win2K Corporate Preview Program (CPP) users that their pre-release licenses (5 Win2K Professional—Win2K Pro—licenses and 2 Win2K Server licenses) will expire February 17. The private CPP beta forum and all support for betas and release candidates (RCs) will end with the Release to Manufacturing (RTM) version. CPP users can now order the Windows 2000 release evaluation code (Microsoft had said it wouldn't make this code available before RTM). The evaluation code will cost $14.95 for both Win2K Pro and Win2K Server, and Win2K Advanced Server (Win2K AS) will cost an additional $9.95. Keep checking Microsoft's Web site for further details.

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