Windows 10 for Phones to Support non-Microsoft Devices - Sometime

Windows 10 for Phones to Support non-Microsoft Devices - Sometime

Microsoft is working on delivering a new Build for Windows 10 for phones sometime in the next couple weeks. And, when it does finally release only its second Build, there will be many more smartphone models included, all of which encompass the Microsoft-centric camp of hardware. And, according to the list of possible candidates to receive the next Build, it's all Microsoft, and all Lumia.

Obviously, the company isn't the only provider of Windows Phone platform devices, though sometimes it seems like it. The Lumia brand garners about 98% market share for the platform, with HTC, Samsung, Huawei and others making up the rest. Surviving the Windows Phone market has been tough for non-Lumia manufacturers.

When Microsoft announced the list of proposed Lumia models for the next Build, one of the first questions posed was "what about non-Microsoft devices?". Gabe Aul, master of ceremonies for the Windows 10 Technical Preview program, was asked this very thing recently on Twitter.

Gabe says…

So, there's hope that we may see a Build that addresses non-Microsoft devices, but it seems that it still may be a ways off. Microsoft is running up against a self-imposed deadline to release Windows 10 this summer. It doesn't have a lot of time to get Windows 10 right. There's growing concern that the company doesn't have enough time. To fix the woes brought on by the Windows 8 release, Windows 10 must be fantastic when it releases.

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