Why doesn't the slipstream switch for Win2K SP1 update.exe work with RIS server images?

A. To review, slipstreaming lets you apply a service pack to a Windows 2000 installation folder (e.g., the i386 folder), which means that when you then install from the slipstreamed location, the system applies the service pack automatically (for more information, see "How do I use Windows 2000 service pack slipstreaming?").

When you try to slipstream Service Pack 1 (SP1) into a CD-ROM image on a Remote Installation Services (RIS) server, you receive the following error: "An error has occurred copying files from the Service Pack share to the distribution folder." Microsoft hasn't implemented slipstreaming for RIS images but may do so for a future version of the service packs.

You can work around this missing functionality by recreating the RIS image:

  1. Copy the Win2K Professional CD-ROM to a folder accessible from the RIS server.
  2. Slipstream the service pack files to this folder using the syntax

    update -s:"\[Win2K Pro root location\]"<br>

  3. Run risetup.exe again on the RIS server and create a new image using the slipstreamed path.
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