Why does the Branch Office scenario select all SNA subcomponents?

A. When you perform a Branch Office installation of BackOffice Server 4.5 (BOS 4.5), all the Microsoft SNA Server subcomponents are selected, which causes all of the SNA Server 4.0 Service Pack 2 (SP2) components to be installed and requires about 130MB of disk space. The Intranet Publishing Server, Intranet Collaboration Server, and Complete installation scenarios present the following prompt:

Does this server access information on an AS/400
or a mainframe computer?

If you click Yes, SNA Server 4.0 SP2 is installed. However, for these three scenarios, not all of the SNA Server subcomponents are installed. The components that aren't installed include the following:

Under SNA Server 4.0 SP2:

  • Online Help (9.2MB)

Under SNA Server Component and Services:

  • Host Account Synchronization Service (0.3MB)
  • SNA Remote Access Server (0.4MB)

Under Applications and Development Tools:

  • COM Transaction Integrator (12.7MB)
  • OLE DB Provider for AS/400 and VSM (4.6MB)

The Branch Office scenario doesn't present this prompt because it assumes that the answer is "yes," and selects all of the SNA Server 4.0 SP2 components for installation. If you don't want to install all the components, perform the following steps during a Branch Office scenario installation:

  1. In the BackOffice Branch Office Server Installation dialog box, click Customize My Solution.
  2. Go to the SNA Server 4.0 SP2 component. Follow the tree, and clear the check boxes for the components you don't want to install.
  3. When you are finished with the selection process, click Next to continue the installation.
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