Why do I receive an error message when I search Proxy 2.0 online documentation?

A. When you search the Microsoft Proxy 2.0 online documentation for a particular topic, you might receive the following error message:

HTTP Error 403<br><br>
403.1 Forbidden: Execute Access Forbidden<br><br>
This error can be caused if you try to execute a CGI, ISAPI, or other executable program from a directory that does not allow programs to be executed.<br><br>
Please contact the Web server's administrator if the problem persists.<br><br>
This behavior occurs during the Proxy 2.0 installation within BackOffice Server (BOS) 4.5 or BackOffice Small Business Server (SBS) 4.5 because script access isn't granted to the virtual directory in which the Index Server search file (.htx) is located.

To resolve this issue, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to Start, Programs, Windows NT 4.0 Option Pack, Internet Information Server, Internet Service Manager.
  2. In Microsoft Management Console (MMC), expand the following items: Console Root, Internet Information Server, \[ServerName\], Default Web Site, PrxDocs.
  3. Select the Misc folder.
  4. On the Action menu, click Properties.
  5. In the lower portion of the Properties window, change the permissions to Script.
  6. Click Apply, and then click OK.
  7. Click Default Web Site.
  8. On the Action menu, click Stop.
  9. On the Action menu, click Start.
  10. Quit MMC.
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