Why do I receive error 80004005 when I try to access Public Folders from the Exchange System Manager?

A. This problem seems to have no single cause. In my environment, the cause was Microsoft IIS's use of a port other than 80, which—in turn—caused the Exchange System Manager (ESM) to fail to connect (because Internet Security and Acceleration—ISA—Server 2000 was installed on the same box). I resolved the problem by moving IIS back to port 80, although that has created some issues with ISA Server.

If you receive error 80004005, take the following actions to determine the cause:

  • Make sure the IIS Web service (w3svc) is running (if you stop the Web service, you get the 80004005 error).
  • Make sure the default Web site is operating on port 80 (right-click Default in Internet Service Manager—ISM, select the Web Site tab, and ensure that the TCP Port is 80).
  • If you have secure communications enabled for your Web site, don't select the Require Secure Channel option.
  • Remove hotfix Q269862; this hotfix broke Exchange 2000 in a few ways. See Online Support article Q269862 for more information.
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