Why can't I use the OS install/setup boot disks to install the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) files for Windows 2000?

A. MSDN for Win2K Server, Win2K Advanced Server, and Win2K Professional isn't designed to work with the standard Win2K boot disks. Attempting to boot from the Win2K boot disks will result in the following error:

   Setup cannot find the End User Licensing Agreement (EULA). 
   Setup cannot continue. To quit, press F3.

MSDN for all three Win2K versions ships on one nonbootable DVD; as a result, the folder structure is different from previous versions. Suitable installation methods are to

  • boot from a disk that has real-mode CD-ROM drivers, then run winnt.exe from the desired source folder (e.g., Win2K Server, Win2K Pro)
  • boot from another OS, then run winnt32.exe from the desired source folder
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