Why can't I successfully deploy a Sysprep image containing the Recovery Console (RC) on my client computers?

A. If you install the RC as part of a Sysprep image, then deploy the image to client computers, the RC might fail to start on those client machines. The RC doesn't rely on the standard Ntldr boot file or the standard boot sector. Instead, Sysprep uses a virtual boot sector in the bootsect.dat file, which is a copy of the boot section of the system partition. Because the bootsect.dat file is unique to each computer and is based on the machine's hard disk structure, the RC will most likely fail because you haven't configured bootsect.dat for that particular client. To resolve this error, reinstall the RC on each machine. For future installations, you can place the

winnt32 /cmdcons /unattend

command in the \[GuiRunOnce\] section of your unattend.txt file to automate installation of the RC.

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