Who are Microsoft Product Support Services and how do I contact them?

A. These are people who support all MS's products, write fixes, take the calls, sort out workarounds etc. They work 24x7x365. You can call them by phone (U.S. is 1-800-936-3500)

For details of your nearest PSS support centre and other info try :-


To report on the Web :-


All incidents are chargeable either to your credit card or an existing account. The charge WILL be re-imbursed if the problem turns out to be an Microsoft bug, or a feature that hasn't been publicly documented. The person answering the phone cannot know it's a bug, so they have to take details of your credit card before passing you on to a technician. When the call is closed the technician decides whether to mark the call as "free" in which case you get a refund automatically. (Same for Web incidents)

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