Where can I find additional administrative tools for Exchange Server 5.5?

A. Microsoft Exchange Administrator is pretty much the only tool—you must use it to configure most of the settings on your Exchange Server system. You can control some settings through the registry, but you must run Exchange Administrator to learn a great deal of what you need to know about your server. However, some third-party tools can make your life easier. For example, an Event log monitoring tool such as Ipswitch Software's WhatsUp Gold lets you set up a system that will automatically page or email you when Exchange Server services register errors in the system Event log. To reduce the number of trips up and down the hall, you could use a remote control tool such as pcAnywhere or Remotely Possible to remotely perform console-level tasks on your Exchange Server system. Most of the tools you'll find interesting are actually designed for remote management of Windows NT, but they're also useful for managing Exchange Server systems. Check out Beverly Hills Software or Sunbelt Software for more details on these types of tools.

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