Where can I download Windows 2003 SP2?

A. You can download Windows 2003 SP2 from Windows Update for installation on a single Windows server; however, if you intend to install on multiple machines, go here, from which you can install a local version of your processor type. Versions are available for x86, x64, and ia64. Additionally, Windows XP 64-bit SP2 is available from this site. For the download versions, various switches are available:

  • /x: Extract the service pack without installing
  • /quiet: No user interaction or display
  • /passive: No input needed, displays just an installation progress bar
  • /norestart: Don't restart after installation is complete
  • /forcerestart: Restart after installation
  • /warnrestart\[:time in seconds\]: Warn and restart with given time (if time not given, wait 30 seconds)
  • /promptrestart: Prompt before restarting
  • /overwriteoem: Overwrite OEM files without prompting
  • /nobackup: Don't back up files necessary for an uninstall
  • /forceappclose: Force running applications to close at shutdown
  • /integrate:: Integrate the update into the path
  • /d:: Back up files to specific location
  • /log:: Location for log file

If you extract the service pack files to begin the installation and use the switches, pass them to the update.exe file in the update folder of the processor type. For example, to not back up the old files and perform a passive installation, you would use command

"D:\OS Images\2003 SP2 x64\amd64\update\update.exe" /nobackup /passive

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