Where are the RAS phone book entries and settings stored?

A. A. The actual phone book entries are stored in the file %systemroot%/system32/ras/rasphone.pbk (pbk - phone book). You could therefore copy this file to another machine to copy the phone book entries.

Another important file is %systemroot%/system32/ras/switch.inf which is used to create terminal login scripts (as discussed earlier in this section), and you may find phone book entries may refer to an entry in this file at the end of the entry:


In this case, Type=Terminal means bring up a terminal window after connection so it does not use switch.inf,


would cause the script "Pipex" (which is in switch.inf) to be run once a connection has been made. If these two lines are missing don't worry, it just means you don't need a terminal window once you have connected (probably means you are connecting to a Windows NT box). Usually if you connect to a non-NT machine you have to send it a username and password, along with the connection type (protocol), which is usually PPP on most modern systems, SLIP is an older option.

RAS information relating to phone book entries and outbound connections in the registry is actually stored under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\RAS Phonebook, and contains details about redial attempts, display settings etc. Again you export this section of the registry to a reg file (using regedit.exe) and import into another machine to copy the machine specific settings.

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