When I use the RIS, why doesn't the SIS service seem to save disk space?

A. The Microsoft Remote Installation Services (RIS) is very useful for deploying Windows 2000 when you have multiple RIS packages, each with different configurations. The bulk of each package contains the same files (the core Win2K Professional files). The idea of the Single Instance Store (SIS) service is that it examines these folders, removes duplicate files, and replaces them with a link to one instance. After the SIS service runs, the files consume less storage. However, SIS runs only during times of low CPU usage. If your server is always busy and SIS never gets the chance to run, you might need to manually run the SIS Groveler:

  1. On the Win2K Server CD-ROM, go to the i386 folder in a command session (cmd.exe).
  2. Extract the GROVCTRL.EX_ file:

    D:\i386\> expand grovctrl.ex_ %systemroot%\system32\grovctrl.exe 

  3. Use the following command to force the Groveler to run in the foreground:

    C:\> grovctrl f 
After the SIS Groveler runs, it will return to the usual low CPU execution.
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