What's the Systems Management Server (SMS) 2003 Administration Feature Pack?

A. The SMS 2003 Administration Feature Pack contains three tools:

  • Manage Site Accounts Tool--This tool lets you use the command line to manage accounts and passwords for one or multiple sites in a hierarchy. The tool also lets you update, create, verify, delete, and list the Windows accounts for the SMS sites.
  • Transfer Site Settings Wizard--This tool lets you copy site configuration, packages, and collection settings from one site to one or more target sites. You can copy settings interactively or by using XML templates. The tool provides both a graphical and command-line interface.
  • Elevated Rights Deployment Tool (aka RunOnce)--This tool lets you use the elevated privileges of the SMS software distribution features to install applications that require administration rights after a system restart. The tool can execute the registry entries in the RunOnce location by moving the entries in the registry to a new SMS\RunOnce location where SMS can execute those entries.

You can download the SMS 2003 Administration Feature Pack from the Microsoft Web site. After you download the software, run the downloaded file to create three folders, each containing one of the tools.

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